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iterrace Tax Corporation Accounting office provides tax, accounting and other support services. We can provide professional services for a modest fees compared to big accounting firms.

Our Services

Accounting , Bookkeeping and Tax practices in Japan.
(Corporate & Individual)

1.We provide bookkeeping services and prepare financial statements for
management purposes to be submitted to parent company or head
office ,etc.

2.We prepare the following tax returns and necessary documents.
a.National corporate tax return
b.Local tax returns
c.Consumption tax return
d.Annual tax adjustments of employees
e.Other application forms to tax offices.

a.Personal income tax return
b.Consumption tax return
c.Other application forms to tax offices.

3.Support for tax investigations.

HR ( Payroll and Social & Labor Insurance ) support.

1.We provide monthly pay slips and payroll ledger for proper calculation.

2.We provide enrollment procedures, monthly calculations
and annual calculations. Submission of documents to the various agencies.

Cash Flaw Management and other consultings.

We provide many services that fit your needs such as Incorporation, tax
refund, tax-saving, personal financial consulting and more.
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Our Office

OFFICE iterrace Tax Corporation Accounting office
Representative Shinichiro Ohtomi
CPTA ( Certified Public Tax Accountant )
Yoshihiro Takahashi
CPTA ( Certified Public Tax Accountant )
Address PREMIST Shibuya Miyamasuzaka 902,
1-8-10, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO
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